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Bren, thank you for the helpful tips on how to drive readers! As I mentioned in my previous post, I am primarily posting because it is cathartic and clarifying. Unfortunately after some time, catharsis kinda loses its appeal! What I am doing here is to reflect on what I experienced for the past 1 year and try and create a mental model that will help me as I go forward. Unfortunately, I don't think what I am writing is kind of self evident and can hold up in all kinds of situations. Given that, I would like to hear from kindred spirits who have been there and done that, so I can learn something more. In that context, this blog is a very selfish exercise. I want readers who can educate me and extend my thinking; if in the process, some readers find my blog entertaining or thought provoking, more power to me!
I wonder if I am gonna irritate all you folks out there by this attitude...


Couple of notes. First, you really do have a good least, I like your writing.

Second, I won't ask why you care about readership, but if you only want more hits on the blog, you can sign up for some of those blog traffic exchange deals...I've heard they work okay.

If you want a specific type of reader to take note of your blog and begin commenting and engaging, then I think the first step is to comment and be engaging on others' blogs. I know you've done this a bit, and it just takes a little time for it to sink in with folks. When they see your name and link over and over, eventually they'll stop by. If you're writing enjoyable stuff, they'll stick around.

Other tips: leave comments at blogs with lots of traffic. FC Now, etc... Also, maybe consider writing a manifesto for Drop notes individual notes to specific blog authors if you think you've written something that would be of interest to their readers. Use trackbacks liberally.

Keep on keepin' on!

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